Which Allergy Friendly Easter products suit your needs?

Which Allergy Friendly Easter products suit your needs?

What Allergy Friendly Easter treats can you have?

How good is it to have choices about which Easter goodies you can offer your loved ones this Easter? In the 7 years since we started Allergy Train, the number of products available has grown enormously. 

It can be overwhelming though to work out which ones are the most suitable for your needs. 


So.. i am going to take you through each of the brands and explain what allergens each avoids and who they are most suited to. 

We do have our filter on our store that allows you to filter out the ingredients you are wishing to avoid and it will only bring up the items you can have.

However, i thought i'd do you a bit of a summary to help get things started.

The first thing to note is that NONE of these products contain anything artificial. 


MOO FREE -Easter egg -  gluten, dairy, egg free, vegan and organic.  May contain traces of hazelnuts. They do also contain cocoa so are not suitable for people on elimination diets. 


Plamil egg- gluten, dairy, egg, nut free. Do contain cocoa so not suitable for elimination diets. Made in a factory that never uses dairy, gluten or nuts. Does have a traces statement for soy.


AllergyTrain white soy chocolate - gluten, dairy, egg, nut free and vegan friendly. These do contain soy, however do not contain cocoa and are suitable in small quantities on strict elimination/failsafe.They do use a partially refined raw sugar, so it's not perfect but the best choice available for people with allergies and intolerances. No traces statements.


Sweet William - Bunnies - gluten, dairy, egg, nut free, vegan. Do contain soy and cocoa so not suitable on strict elimination diets/ failsafe. No traces statements


Carobana eggs - do not contain cocoa so suitable for elimination diets in small amounts. These do contain soy. The are manufactured in facilities that also process gluten and nuts.


Bonvita bunnies and eggs - gluten, egg, and soy free, vegan. Made in a facility that handles dairy and nuts but the product does not have any actual ingredients containing dairy and nuts.


Organic Times - These are Organic, but do contain milk, soy and cocoa. May contain nuts.


For those few of you who still cannot find anything suitable for your dietary needs, we do have a selection of cute Easter bunny and egg lollipops which were very popular last year.  We have these in butterscotch and flavour free. These are especially good for our most sensitive individuals.

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  • Jenny Trezise
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  • KJ

    Organic Times have dark chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs, with no dairy, too!

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