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Joan Breakey


A fantastic resource for anyone embarking on an elimination diet or who has been on the diet for a while and needs some help with reintroducing new foods. Joan has done a fantastic job sharing her experience as a dietitian working with thousands of families over her career. Highly practical and easy to read information. This book is a must have.

"Tolerating Troublesome Foods gives us a new way of looking at reactions to food.

It provides information on over 300 foods with their Risk Rating.
What is the Risk Rating? It is the liklihood of a reaction in those people who are food sensitive.
This information was found by Joan working with literally thousands of food sensitive families over 35 years, having them try foods one at a time and hearing what caused reactions or not.
She found that it was not just the food but some aspect of it that affected tolerance, such asξmild peeled carrots being better tolerated than strong-flavoured unpeeled ones.
See the brand new Best Guess Food Guide for hints on all the foods you are interested in.
From all that information Joan has made lists of foods, from those unlikely to cause reactions up to those that are high risk!
So you can look at the lists and see other foods that may be tolerated in your family. You will see many foods you may feel you could try over time, knowing you are using information from other families like yours. And there are three pages of all the foods usually managed as baseline amounts forξthe least strict Family Elimination Diet so you have a secure starting point for food trials.
Another important point emphasised in the book is that each person is different in just which foods are managed, so lists from manuals are not the answer.
There is much more to learn from the new way of looking at reactions in Tolerating Troublesome Foods. There is lots of useful information about why foods are tolerated sometimes and not others and what to expect when you have reactions.
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