'Make your own cupcake party kit'

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Allergy Train


A great party idea for kids with allergies or intolerances. Let the kids decorate their own cupcakes. Pre bake the cupcakes and make up a big batch of butter cream icing with pure icing sugar and nuttelex. Or use the allergy friendly Orchard White Icing and roll the food colouring through it for a different effect.

(Orchard icing not included in this pack, click this link to view and add it to your order)

For an egg free option try the Orgran No Egg replacer


* Well and Good Cupcake mix

* Well and Good Chocolate Mud cake mix – make these into cupcakes

Rainbow 100's and 1000's

Chocolate Sprinkles

Silver pearls

Hopper Natural colours set - pink, blue, red, yellow, orange, purple, green, black.

Total value $85.45


Well and Good Choc Mud - Sugar, tapioca flour, potato starch, rice flour, cocoa powder,hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, mono-and di-glycerides of fatty acids, sodium stearoyl lactate, salt, xanthan gum, nature identical flavour (chocolate)

Well and Good Cupcake mix-  Ingredients: Sugar, Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Modified Tapioca Starch (1412), Raising Agents (500,450), Emulsifiers (475,471 from Soy),Natural Vanilla, Salt, Thickener(466), Vegetable Gum (Xanthan).

Confectionery (Sprinkles): Sugar, Tapioca Starch, Glazing Agent (903), Colours (100, 163)

Hopper Natural Colours - set of 8. Check out the ingredient information on our store for more info. These are dairy, gluten, egg and nut free and vegan

Hopper Rainbow: Sugar, maize starch, maltodextrin,natural colours 100 (curcumin), 141(chlorphyll), 162(beetroot),163 (anthocyanin),spirulina. (vegan)

Hopper Chocolate sprinkles: Sugar, maize starch, vegetable fat (coconut or palm), cocoa powder, glucose liquid, emulsifier 322, soy lecithin. (vegan)

Hopper Silver Pearls: Sugar, maize starch, maltodextrin, glucose, natural colours, 153,171,172, glazing agent 904. (Not vegan)

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