BB Allergy Train Pear Lollipops BULK 30 pk

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Allergy Train


An excellent treat option for those requiring very low chemical diets or doing elimination diets. However, all children will love these. Made with natural ingredients. Also suitable for people with fructose absorption problems as the pear is a flavour and not juice.


Sugar, wheat glucose syrup, citric acid 330, pear flavour.


1.Glucose syrup (wheat) is gluten free. It is highly processed. All information from Australian Coeliac Societies declare glucose syrup as gluten free.

2.Pear flavour is a natural ingredient that is known to be well tolerated on a strict elimination diet. However,whilst rare, some highly sensitive people may still have problem with it as is possible with any ingredients/foods.

Friendly Food

dairy free, egg free, fructose friendly, gluten free, low amines, low glutamates, low salicylates, nut free, rice free, rpah strict elimination diet, soy free


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