Original Soy Loaded Easter Eggs

Product Description


Allergy Train


Brown Loaded easter eggs, the kind you only dream off with marshmallow, freckles with rainbow 100's & 100's) and musk sticks.


Sweet William chocolate, Pascall marshmallow, Hopper Raspberry kibble, musk sticks, Surf Sweets Watermelon rings. Hopper Rainbow 100/1000s.

Raw cane sugar* (heat treated), palm kernel oil, soy flour, cocoa, emulsifiers (soya lecithin 476) natural vanilla flavour. Marshmallow - Sugar, glucose syrup (from wheat or corn)*, invert sugar, gelatine, flavours, cornstarch.  Musk sticks - Sugar, wheat glucose syrup, gelatine, corn flour, natural musk flavour, citric acid 330. (wheat glucose syrup is highly processed and therefore gluten free). 100s and 1000s: Sugar, maize starch, maltodextrin,natural colours 100 (curcumin), 141(chlorphyll), 162(beetroot),163 (anthocyanin),spirulina. vegetable fat (coconut oil)  malic acid, natural flavour, colour 162, emulsifiers (322, soy lecithin; 471). Marshmallow - may contain traces of dairy


Marshmellows contain traces statement for dairy. Choc contains SOY.


Allergy Train Kitchen Allergen Statement

Allergy Train Kitchen does not use any ingredients containing gluten, dairy, eggs, or nuts.  We do make products containing soy in our kitchen but we do our best to keep it away from all other baking, we follow specific cleaning and allergy avoidance procedures. We try our best to obtain ingredients that have no traces statements but cannot guarantee that every product is free from traces particularly as sometimes manufacturers do not declare their risk. Please contact us if you would like more information.