Buchi Kombucha Brew Kit 5l

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Buchi is Australia’s leading company in home brew ferment kits and the ONLY Certified Organic Home Brew Kits in Australia. Our Kombucha home brew kits are fun, easy and a very cost-effective way to make Kombucha in your very own home. We supply everything in your first order to get you brewing:

Everything you need to start making you own delicious and beneficial Kombucha for yourself and the whole family. The SCOBY’s that come the Buchi Brewery are the healthiest and robust cultures you can get. Our guarantee! They come dressed in a beautiful box.

  • 5 litre glass brewing jar
  • a fat juicy certified organic SCOBY
  • 500ml certified organic starter kombucha
  • certified organic teas
  • certified organic sugar
  • organic muslin, and instructions.