Copy of Cookie - Cinnamon and Raisin - Free top 10 allergens

Product Description


Ellas Wisdom

Ella’s Wisdom believe everyone should be able to access the best possible prices when stocking up on  low inflammatory, delicious comfort food.

Whether you are planning on sharing the cookies with your family, work in an office or simply a very avid cookie eater,  we will make sure you get the best “bang for your buck”.

As always our cookies are free from all the 9 most common allergens, are vegan and FODMAP friendly, low in calories and sugar.


Tapioca flour, sunflower seeds, Nuttelex™ coconut oil shortening (vegetable oil blend [18% coconut oil], water, salt, emulsifiers[non-palm] 471 sunflower lecithin, vitamin D, E), organic coconut nectar, raisin (15%), raising agent (500, 575), spices, natural flavours.