Dr Schar Mini Baguette

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Dr Schar


Will you eat with me? A wonderful little love confession: the Petite Baguette. The French classic en miniature.

Smaller, but even better! This smaller edition of the French classic comes in packages of two - the little lovebirds just can't be apart! Fluffy sourdough, crispy crumb and lots of French heartiness. Heat it up in the oven, and enjoy it topped, filled and gratinated. A small love goes through the stomach as well!


maize starch , sourdough 19% (rice flour, water) , water , rice syrup , vegetable fiber (psyllium, bamboo) , rice flour , sunflower oil , rice starch , soy protein , sugar , thickener: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ; yeast ; salt . LACTOSE FREE (lactose<0.007g/100g) .


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