Hopper Combo Pack - Cookies and More

Product Description




We've put together a bulk buy for your favourite Hopper products that are great in or on your favourite cookies and icecream. The Hokeypokey are bake stable and add a lovely flavour to your baking. The kids will love decorating their favourite baked items or creating ice-cream master pieces.

Chocolate Sprinkles, Rainbow 100's/1000's and Hokeypokey Honeycomb.



Rainbow: Sugar, maize starch, maltodextrin,natural colours 100 (curcumin), 141(chlorphyll), 162(beetroot),163 (anthocyanin),spirulina.

Chocolate sprinkles: Sugar, maize starch, vegetable fat (coconut or palm), cocoa powder, glucose liquid, emulsifier 322, soy lecithin.

Hokey pokey: Sugar, maize starch, vegetable fat (palm), maltodextrin, natural flavour, colour 100, 162, stabiliser 401, firming agent 516, emulsifier (322) soy lecithin (471)


Traces: None

$15.20 $18.30