Hopper Failsafe Party Favour Bag

Product Description


Allergy Train


Now no one needs to miss out at parties. We've made up this attractive party bag especially for kids on strict elimination or Failsafe diets. Buy one or buy enough for the whole party. They are completely natural and taste great and the 'non food sensitive kids will never know any different.

Ingredients: are labelled separately for all items so parents can easily cross check suitability for their child.

Marshmellows: sugar, glucose syrup (wheat or corn) invert sugar, gelatine, flavours, cornstarch. May contain traces of milk. Musk sticks: sugar, wheat glucose syrup, gelatine, corn flour, musk flavour, citric acid 330. Pear drops and lollipops: sugar, wheat glucose syrup, citric acid 330, natural pear flavour. Freckles: Raw cane sugar, palm kernel oil, soy flour, emulsifier, sunflower lecithin 476, natural vanilla, 100/1000: Sugar, maize starch, maltodextrin

NOTE: Wheat glucose syrup is gluten free.

This product has a traces statement for dairy. Most allergists don't recommend avoiding traces statements for milk. If you are anaphylactic, please use your own discretion as to whether this is safe for your individual needs.