Nogo Satay Sauce with Turmeric – Fructose Friendly, Gluten Free

Product Description




Salty, crunchy, sweet and luscious. An Asian inspired sauce that you can pop on top of your favourite meat or fish. Add coconut milk or water and use in a stir-fry or as a dipping sauce. Jazz up a bowl of steamed rice or veggies. 190g


Peanut butter, coconut milk, peanut oil, ginger, lemon grass, lime juice, brown sugar, gluten free soy sauce, chilli, fish sauce, rice wine vinegar, tamarind, fructose friendly garlic oil, water.


Contains peanuts, soy, crustaceans. May contain traces of sesame, tree nuts, milk.

Friendly Food

Gluten Free, Fructose Friendly,  Preservative Free