Orgran Brown Rice Spirals 250g

Product Description




Rice pasta spirals are produced from brown rice and are ideal for stir fry and salads. This product is an excellent source of energy and is ideal for high performance athletes. It is easily digestible, assisting in the assimilation of other foods. For diabetics, it is an excellent source of carbohydrates due to the fact that only a small amount of insulin is needed to assimilate its starches. Independent studies around the world have shown that rice has been proven effective in lowering plasma cholesterol and improves the heart risk ratio by positively modifying the blood fat profile.


Brown rice (100%), water added.



Friendly Food

dairy free, egg free, fructose friendly, gluten free, low amines, low glutamates, low salicylates, nut free, rpah strict elimination diet, soy free, wheat free