Extraordinary Foods Pimp My Salad, Super Seed Sprinkles 110g

Product Description


Extraordinary Food


The mix of six most nutritions seeds and spices, cheesy with a hint of rosemary are great for adding to any salad, or just as a snack…

Raw and never baked
We dehydrate all our products at 46°C for 16-24 hours, so all nutrients, vitamins and enzymes are preserved. This is alive food, the seeds are soaked (activated) to help digestion and to activate enzymes.

Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free. Paleo and Raw


*pumpkin seeds, *flax seeds, *chia seeds, *sesame seeds, *poppy seeds, *sunflower seeds, *Tamari (filtered water, organic soybeans, sea salt), *paprika, *cayenne, *unpasteurized raw apple cider vinegar, vegan nutritional yeast, *rosemary, Himalayan pink salt. *organic ingredients


 Contains sesame seeds, soy, precessed at a facility that handles nuts.

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