Rescue Remedy Spray 20ml

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The Bach Flower Remedies Rescue Remedy Spray is the most famous of the Bach remedies, but in fact is not 'a remedy' at all. It is actually a blend of five different Bach Flower remedies - Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens and Rock Rose.

Rescue Remedy been traditionally used to relieve feelings of anxiety, nervous tension, stress, agitation or despair and provide a sense of focus and calm.


Each mL contains 200mcL (equiv 20mcL of fresh plant) tinctures of Rock Rose (Helianthemum nummularium), Impatiens (Impatiens glandulifera), Clematis (Clematis vitalba), Star of Bethlehem (ornithogalum umbellatum), Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera), Contains homeopathic ingredients, Contains alcohol