Sinchies CHILD SAFE lids 3pk

Product Description




3 x child safe anti-choke reusable lids to suit 80ml, 140ml, 200ml and 500ml pouches.

An optional extra! These reusable child safe anti-choke lids come in two colors (white or orange) which are handy for color coding. They are bigger than the standard lids that come with all Sinchies pouches and easier to keep track of!


  • To keep your lid safe, pop it into your pocket or bag once you've opened the Sinchies reusable food pouches.
  • If you send your children to day care with Sinchies Baby Food Pouches – remind your children to put the lid into their lunchbox once they’ve opened it. That way it’s kept safe right away!

Sinchies is mindful of the environment and we use reusable packaging where we can. These lids come packaged in a Sinchies Pop (aka ice-block/snack pouch) – use the Pop to make icey-poles/ice-blocks or use it as a snack pouch. It’s a great handbag size and is perfect for storing all sorts not just food items!

Ensure young children are supervised when using this product! It contains small parts (the lid/cap) which children could swallow or choke on. We recommend purchasing the child safe choke free lids if using this product for infants.

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