Sweet William Chocolate Melting Buttons 500g

Product Description


Sweet William


Let your imagination run wild when trying to decide how to use these gluten free, dairy and nut free chocolate cooking buttons.Create all sorts of interesting baked items, chocolates etc.


Raw cane sugar,vegetable fat,soy flour,cocoa powder,emulsifiers(soya lecithin 476) flavours.

Best before July 2017, however should last much longer as it is not an expiry date.



* Please note, the sugar has been heat treated and should be ok in small quantities for salicylate sensitive individuals. Also the cocoa powder is a small percent so some amine sensitive people may be ok with small amount

Friendly Food

dairy free, egg free, fructose friendly, gluten free, low glutamates, low salicylates, nut free, rice free, wheat free

*Special Instructions*

Shipping of chocolate products may be delayed due to hot weather. All due care will be taken in packing your order to stay cool, however we recommend choosing StarTrack for shipping chocolates, especially to warm or regional areas. This is the best way for us to get your delicious goodies to you safely.

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