Well and Good Spiced Banana Cake in a Mug 60g

Product Description


Well and Good


Well and Good have created their own version of a super food. The spiced banana Cake in a Mug is super for its taste, and super for it’s convenience. Make no mistake, this is a decadent, moist cake infused with the delicious taste of spiced banana. Perfect with cream or add a dollop of Nutella before cooking.

When is a good time to use Cake in a Mug?

It’s always a good time! To be more specific though, it’s ideal for a quick afternoon snack at the office, emergency dessert after a long day of sports with the kids or just because you feel like an indulgent treat! Whatever the occasion, Well and Good Cake in a Mug has arrived to save the day!


Sugar, Rice Flour, Corn Starch, Tapioca Starch, Banana Flakes(4.5%), Vegetable Emulsifiers (475, 471), Thickeners (412, 1412, 464, 407), non aluminium Raising Agents (341, 500), Vegetable Oil, Coconut Extract, Natural Colour, Iodised Salt, Natural Flavour, Spice(cassia)(0.4%).

Friendly Food

Gluten free, Nut free